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Tramtalks webinar series

Bild: Pexels Burak K

TramTalks are Spårvagnsstäderna's webinar series that started during 2020. The idea behind the series is to address current issues in the tramway world in a brief and easily accesible way. The topics can range from technical innovations and new products, to city development, operations and virtual study visits. Webinars will be held in both English and Swedish (and other nordic languages), but when held in Swedish they go under the name "Spårsnack". The webinars are usually held by the association alone, but sometimes we do webinars with other actors such as our sister organizations in other countries. 

The audience of the webinars vary, and while many of the webinars will be open for everyone and free, there will be occasions when they are for members only or might have a registration fee to cover our expenses for things like the software used. The associations choses what topics to spotlight based on what we deem is interesting for our members to know more about. It is therefore not possible for companies to pay to be present on this platform. It is important for our members to know this and understand that the association doesn't promote specific products for our gain (ie advertising).

If you have any ideas abut what you would like to know more of, of if you would like to present something, please send us an email. Our contact information can be found on the contact tab of the webpage.