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About Spårvagnsstäderna

Trams have a high passenger capacity (picture from Nottingham)

Spårvagnsstäderna is working to make it easier to build new tramways. The organization is spreading knowledge and stimulate cooperation between actors in the sector. We welcome cities, regions, public tranportation authorities as members, as well as other actors such as architects, rolling stock manufacturers or anyone else who might have an interest of the Scandinavian tramway market as associated members.

During the latest decade the interest for tramways has increased in both Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia. The increasing urbanization, concern for environmental and climate issues, increased demand for accessible public transport and general increase for capacity in public transport has contributed to the renaissance of the tram. The last few years several new tramways have opened in the Nordic countries, reversing the previous trend to close rail systems which have dominated in the mid 1900's.


The need for cooperation

This change of trends has created a pressure to quickly establish structures that will help tramways expand in the Nordic countries. Regulations aren't adapted to modern tramways, financing models are working poorly and the experience of tramways is limited due to not building any for so long. There were also no arenas where tramway issues could be raised - until Spårvagnsstäderna was established.


Spårvagnsstäderna is established

Spring of 2009 a network was created to coordinate the cooperation between all actors in the then new tramway sector in Sweden. Founders were amongst other the Region and CIty of Stockholm. A board of representatives from the members were elected, and companies and special interest organisations were invited to participate. The organization is fully funded by membership fees.

Read more about how to join on this link.