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Become a member of Spårvagnsstäderna

Tram in Helsinki

As a member in Spårvagnsstäderna you become a member of the most developed network in the Nordics to facilitate the development of modern light rail. Spårvagnsstäderna is a non profit organization. Our network include decision makers, civil servants working on light rail related issues and companies with special competence within the tramway sector, ranging from rolling stock manufacturers to architects and consultants. 

An important part of the association's work is mutual information and knowledge exchange, in order to increase the level of understanding for everyone involved. Another important aspect of the association's job is to adress issues that today complicate the construction light rail, and then through dialogue and discussion with relevant actors improve the conditions for cost efficient construction and use. 

Nordic municipalities and regions that join the organization appoint trustees to the board. Employees in those cities and regions are welcome to join any activities for a reduced fee. 

Companies, special interest organisations and foreign public transport authorities/municipalities are welcome to become associated members. They pay a lower membership fee and cannot appoint trustees to the board, but they are very welcome to all our conferences, reference groups, seminars and other activities the association organize. The organization strives to be bilingual or communicate in English only. 

As a member a company can be as active or passive as they want. We currently have members attending every event because it's important for them to be visible on the market. And we have members who are content supporting the association and show up every now and then. But as a member you have many opportunities to take advantage of Spårvagnsstäderna being the one stop shop for accessing the Nordic market. 

The following entities are members today:

Our board consists of the following people:

The process to become a member is simple, and your membership runs over a calendar year and is automatically renewed if you haven't informed us that you wish to cancel before the new year begins. To join the organization, just send an email to our office and we will get the process started right away. You can find contact information on the contact link above.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!