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Spårvagnsstäderna's mission

Tramtrain in Sheffield

Spårvagnsstäderna wants to make it easier and more economical to build new tramways, by finding and creating new funding opportunities, improve relevant regulations, increase the general knowledge level regarding tramways and improve the coordination between projects.

The construction or expanding of modern tramways is hampered by complicated planning processes and a need to improve the organization surrounding projects, the funding framework and the regulatory framework. These challenged are best approached by an organized cooperation, and that is why we work by:

  • Providing platforms for knowledge and information exchange between actors with an interest in tramway issues.
  • Sharing experience of using tramways as a tool to create attractive cities, creating economical growth, improving the environment and increase the social sustainability of some city areas.
  • Contribute to the knowledge on how to design cost efficient tramway projects.
  • Actively increasing the research on tramways.
  • Contributing with data and information to political decisions involving trams 
  • Working with relevant entities to make the planning process easier, improve the organization of the projects and improve tramway regulations.