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Spårvagn från Lyon

Technical visit to France May 22-24/26th 2023

Technical visit to France May 22-24/26 2023

Welcome to this year's study tour, which is a joint arrangement between Spårvagnsstäderna, NLRA and Letbaner.DK.

The agenda is now set for our visit to France, and we will visit four different tram systems in France, all of which have an lessons to share with our participants. We will visit two different lines in Paris, as well as the cities of Lyon and Tours.

All the cities have a different character, and even though Paris is a big city, the respective tram line is relatively short and often not connected to the rest of the tram network, which means that even participants from other conditions have something to pick up.

The trip runs from 22-26 May, but those who want can choose to participate only from May 22-24 and will then have time to see a tramway in Paris and Lyon.


Monday, May 22nd 
Participants arrive in Paris. River cruise with dinner (included) in the evening. 

Tuesday May 23rd
Daytrip to Lyon by train. Presentation of the Lyon system at Egis headquarters.
Lunch (included)
Highlights of the Tram “à la Française” through a visit of a tram line with Sytral (owner) and Keolis (operator). If time allows, visit of the OCC. - Egis

Free evening and dinner on your own.

Wednesday May 24th
Morning: Meeting with Ile de France Mobilité, presentation of Paris network and how tram benefits to mobility and urban planning and development
Lunch near Ile de France Mobilité (9th district of Paris)

Departure for those wishing only to attend two days.

Afternoon: Visit of Line T9 (Tramway Paris-Orly) with Thomas Richez or Vincent Cottet

The T9 Tramline is the latest tram built in Greater Paris. Starting Porte de Choisy, south east of Paris, is goes perfectly straight to Orly (Airport), in the Seine valley. It is the first tram to wear IDFM identity, the transit authority, and not its operator identity. The design involves an important vegetation, meant to bring, on top of an everyday beautification and enjoyment, a cooling effect during summer nights.

Free evening and dinner on your own.

Thursday May 25th
Day trip to the city of Tours by train.
Richez_Associés has been the designing this project. Tours town councillors wanted to confer upon their tramway project a, rarely asked for, global coherence between the design of the rolling stock and street furniture, urban development and public lighting,  urban vision and public art.This tramway made a new landscape within the city. Lunch during the day is included.

Group dinner in the evening (included)

Friday May 26th
Visit of Line 3 in Paris 
The T3 Tramline is “smaller Paris” belt line. The south, east and north part has been under operation since 2006, and the west one is under construction. We shall visit in the north Porte d’Aubervilliers section, where the tram crosses from east to west the redevelopment of formally McDonald warehouses, now turned into a new neighbourhood, connects to a new railway station, and goes underground to leave crossroad capacity in Porte d’Aubervilliers, which will receive in the future a north-south tram. 

Participants are asked to plan for late afternoon departure and program will conclude before lunch (not included). 


Price for those who want to join May 22-24 (half the trip) is SEK 17,900 per person
Price for those who want to join May 22-26 (entire trip) is SEK 21,500 per person.

The price includes breakfast, lunch and several dinners (specified in the program), hotel, all transport, admissions and study visits. Travel to and from the start of the tour is not included. Extra nights at hotels can be accommodated on request and invoiced.

Registration is binding. You can change participants, but keep in mind that additional costs may be incurred in the form of fees for name changes on train tickets. The trip can be paid for via invoice or credit card after booking, but if you choose to pay via invoice, remember that the invoice must be paid in advance before departure. In order to participate in the trip, you or your employer need to be members of either Spårvagnsstäderna, Letbaner.DK or NLRA.

Please note that there is a minimum participant number of 10 participants for the trip to depart. We will announce when the minimum number has been reached, and invoice then. We strongly advise against booking non-refundable trips or accomodation before we have signaled the guaranteed departure. We do not accept responsibility for bookings done by participants. 

As Spårvagnsstaderna is not a travel agency, it is the participant's own responsibility to have insurance cover for the trip that covers unforeseen events.

Registration can be done by emailing We just need your name and the number of participants at the first stage. When the minimum number of participants have been reached we will send out a form with further info such a dietary restrictions etc.